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Alstonville High School Library



To create and sustain an inviting and inspiring space where students, teachers and parents can engage in individual or collaborative educational pursuits.

Mission Statement:

Library staff at AHS is dedicated to providing and promoting intellectual and physical access for all to an extensive range of print, digital, and electronic resources, tools and technologies which will:

  • meet the educational needs of all members of our staff and student body
  • enhance and enrich our educational philosophy and curriculum
  • stimulate interest and independence in literacy
  • encourage our staff and students to create and manipulate ideas and information efficiently and effectively so that they may become independent life-long learners
  • fulfil and comply with the contents of the Handbook for school libraries (2nd edition)

The purpose of the school library is to enhance teaching and learning by:

  • collaborating with teachers in planning and implementing programs
  • providing opportunities for students to develop information skills
  • facilitating the effective use of resources
  • providing experiences to stimulate reading 
  • promoting student's social and recreational development
  • supporting the school curriculum by selecting, acquiring and organising materials
  • liaising with other schools and libraries to increase the resources
  • providing space for classes, small groups and individuals

Our library provides services in the form of spaces, people, materials, equipment and systems to manage resources. Whilst these services are available to support teaching and learning, the library also has a role in providing recreation and reference services.


A myriad of innovation is occurring in the library -

The Alstonville High School library has changed a new system called Oliver (ORBIT). Library staff are constantly upskilling to manage system changes.

The ICT team is located in the library and caters for all technical queries and issues.

The physical environment has been improved and updated to enhance the positive experience of our clientele.

Future Projections:

  • subscription to an e-platform for books and other resources
  • Enhanced staff usage of Clickview (data base of film and documentary)
  • Project based learning project
  • Guest speakers – authors and writers
  • Advanced data base research skills lecturets